Traditional Wedding & Ceremony on The Yacht in Singapore!

I was hired to photographed a wedding actual day in Singapore few weeks back. Well, I loved the tired and busy actual day together with the couple. It was an awesome and tremendous lovely experience for me. The wedding ceremony was carried out as usual. The day was started off with the traditional tea ceremony before adjourned to the yacht for official marriage registration signature ceremony. The entire setup was organized by Truly Harmony Singapore. It was my pleasure to meet up with the team there. Bravo for their works!

Singapore Wedding Ceremony on The Yacht

The yacht where the ceremony was conducted. It was huge and comfortable. Everyone got to take off their shoes in order to walk around the yacht. Nice!

Singapore Wedding Ceremony on The Yacht Gabriel Lai

I was asked by the couple to pen down my blessing to them as well. So, I did write some words for them :)

Singapore Wedding Ceremony on The Yacht Gabriel Lai PhotographyPhotographed a final output after every relatives pen down their words of blessings. Even the youngest had her signature as well, can you see it? hehehe….

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