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Gamcheon culture village was one of my favorite place to visit in Busan Korea.

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It has many beautiful houses on top of the mountain. During the time I went, winds were blowing so strong.

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We did not go through the alley due to tiredness, but I’m sure it’s a must go as well… We ended up having coffee at ?? ?????, a coffee house runs by a lady that speaks pretty good english. She can communicates pretty well in English. I guess was she must have moved back to Busan from other country.

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On top of ?? ????? coffee house is an open area balcony, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of Gamcheon village. Must visit this place again when I travel to Busan in near future.

Some photos taken around Gamcheon Village, Busan Korea. Enjoy!

IMG_2987 (NXPowerLite)This is some deco that’s very interesting & creative. Love it!

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IMG_3001 (NXPowerLite)
This is a very big fish. Beautiful. Make from wood.

IMG_3002 (NXPowerLite)  IMG_3007 (NXPowerLite)
Left: Beautiful house surround with flower. Right: stair case to the alley

  IMG_3045 (NXPowerLite)  IMG_3151 (NXPowerLite)
?? ????? a coffee house that gives you good sea view of Busan, and Gamcheong Village
Location of the coffee house can be found @ Foursquare

Last self-portrait with Gamcheon Village as background!

IMG_3062 (NXPowerLite)

Thank you!

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