At the Mount Kota Kinabalu Summit

Mount Kota Kinabalu | Sabah Malaysia

I’ve just back from trip to Mount Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia. Below are some of the photos taken during the trip. To summarized, the trip was awesome, thanks to client who hired me & my team to be there to cover their company trip.

On the way up to Laban Rata – Taken with GoPro Hero2

It was very tiring throughout the journey from Timpohon Gate, up to Laban Rata, and from Laban Rata to the Summit. But, I manage to did it even though I took quite a long hours to reach :razz:

At the Mount Kota Kinabalu Summit. Another 600m is the summit, but physically was tired and the air was very thin, thus I stopped and took photos of sunrise, portrait & lanscape

Mount Kota Kinabalu Rock

Hope to share in detailed about the  journey. Thanks!

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