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Jiangsu SOHO Construction Group Co.,Ltd. Your Current Location:江苏省老司机国产αⅴ视频,51看片免费视频在观看,51最新视频免费观看视频有限公司 >> Subsidiaries >> Jiangsu SOHO Construction Group Co.,Ltd.

  Jiangsu SOHO Construction Group Co., Ltd, with registered capital of 300 million yuan, possesses total assets around two billion yuan and the net assets is 600 million yuan, controlling eight invested or holding subsidiaries. Among them, Jiangsu Artall Real estate Co., Ltd, Zhenjiang Hongyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Kunshan Soho Investment Co., Ltd, Nanjing Artall Resources Land Co., Ltd, Yancheng Jinrun Real Estate Co., Ltd specialize in real estate development, and Jiangsu Soho Real Estate Co., Ltd, Suzhou Soho Industrial Development Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Chengfengyuan Hotel are engaged in the property management and the operating.

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