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  Artall Culture Group (ACG) is a subsidiary of SOHO holding Group, a state-owned company authorized by the Jiangsu Provincial People's government, dealing with cultural assets operation and investment with a registered capital of360 millionyuan. ACG group has always deemed it its duty to build cultural industry integration chain. We pursue scientific development, take company core value management as guide, and focus on the development of artworks operation, cultural property transaction,cultural trade, cultural financial services, performing arts, publishing and artworks exhibition. ACG pay positive attention to improve core competence and promote harmonious development, while making effort on achieving comprehensive and sustainable growth. ACG has always kept social responsibilities in mind as a state-owned company, taking advantages of sound policies on developing cultural industry, deepening internal reform, promoting strategic transformation and expanding cultural businesses. ACG is now playing a major role in building a global cultural industrial cluster by integrating a range of cultural resources domestic and overseas. ACG will continue to strive for implementing chinese culture industry development and make progress in building a strong nation of socialist culture in long term.

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